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5 Easy Steps To Start Playing Poker


If you love to play poker but are intimidated to try poker online, this will line you out.  Everything you need to know to have you playing like a pro.

We are in need of 5 easy steps to start playing poker.  Playing poker online is much more preferred over offline and nearly 15 million folks agree within the United States alone as that is approximately how many enjoy playing online for real money.  Online poker is just superior over playing in real time for so many reasons, e.g. being able to play many tables which you’ll never be able to do offline and the game variations far exceed any offline casino.


The problem is if you’ve never played online, it can be a little intimidating not knowing where to even begin. Knowing how to play poker is not the issue, it’s how to get set up to play by way of the internet. Searching from folks who are in the know has led us to 5 easy steps to start playing poker using your computer.  Let’s take a look.




These 5 easy steps to start playing poker will set you on your path to enjoying your favorite game in the online world.  They’ve been broken down into an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense, step-by-step guide.


– Pick a site.  Competition is great among poker sites and there are a multitude of them vying for everyone’s business.  It takes much research on your part to choose an established site for security number one but also for its traffic, level of customer service, the perks that it allows its players, and read all of the reviews that it carries with it.


– Software.  Once you have carefully researched and decided on a site, it’s time to download the poker room’s free software to get started.  Generally the reviews will have a download button that you can click on and it will take you to a page where the poker room software download link is.  Once there, you can click the download and install.


– Account.  Once everything has been installed, you’ll be prompted to create your account which is as basic as filling in a simple form with basic contact information along with a username and password which is how your account will remain protected.  For your privacy, the username should never be your actual name but rather an alias of some sort which is what other players will see.   After getting the account registered, you will be given the opportunity to test the software out using ‘play money’ tables rather than real money bankroll.  This will allow you to get used to the controls and the buttons as well as the site prior to using it in real time. It is suggested that you don’t dawdle in there for too long, approximately 30 minutes is recommended to get yourself acclimated to everything.


– Bankroll.  It is now time to make a deposit of real money into your account.  It is always up to you how much you deposit, however, keep in mind that all sites will offer a bonus with new player’s first deposit where they will match it by way of a ‘clear-table’ bonus going up to a certain maximum amount.  This is free money and the more you deposit, the more free money you get. There are always stipulations, but the only stipulation is that you play a certain number of hands to obtain your bonus.


– Play!  Having picked the game of your choice, it is now time for you to scroll down until you find the limit that you want to play and then double click on the game you would like to join in.  You will then be taken to the table at which point you will need to select a seat by clicking on a ‘seat open’ spot.


With these 5 easy steps to start playing poker, you should well be on your way.

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