An Introduction to Let it Ride

Betting Blackjack

First introduced in 1993 by Shuffle Master, Inc., Let it Ride has developed into a popular game due to the high payouts. Since players are betting against the house, a fun and social atmosphere develops at the table or in online casinos. Also, the rules of Let it Ride are easy to learn and many simple strategies have been developed.

Let it Ride is played on a table that resembles Blackjack. Each seat has three circles on the table marked with the numbers 1 and 2 and character $. Play commences with each player placing three equal bets in each circle on the table. The dealer distributes three cards at a time to each player. The dealer takes three and removes one card, leaving two face-down cards.

Next, you are permitted to view your three card hand. The betting options include:

  • Taking back your bet placed in the first circle
  • Accepting your hand and letting it ride

The most common indicator of a take back is scraping your cards against the table. Once you have made a decision, the dealer flips the first of the two community cards in front of him. This card represents your fourth toward the five card poker hand. Once again you can take back your second bet or let it ride. You can take away the second bet only, but the first bet will remain.

During the final round, the dealer turns over the second community card for you to make your best five card poker hand. The dealer will now pay out the winners according to a specific betting chart.

When playing the correct strategy and robust poker, the house edge for Let it Ride is approximately 3.5 percent. To play correctly, you must know which hands to take back the bet and which hands are worthy of letting the wager ride. There are specific strategies for each betting round within the game.

Let it Ride is a fun and exciting twist on five card poker. The camaraderie that develops at the table, the high payouts and the easy to learn rules make this one of the most popular games in the casino. The strategies are also easy to learn and can be applied instantly to either an online or live game with only memorization. Let it Ride is a great game to try when looking for excitement.

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