Financial Management for Video Poker


In all casino games, when the player places a wager it is deducted from their account balance. Adversely, when the player wins virtual chips their account balance increases. This is a consistency found in both online gaming as well as live play. However, in online gambling, different software developers utilize different mechanisms to fulfill these transactions.

Standard Banking Methods

Microgaming and Playtech use the standard version found in some casino games. The player’s balance is temporarily based on the game in which they are playing. Once the player selects the specific betting amount, those chips are deducted from their in-game balance. Meanwhile, the total casino amount remains the same because the chips for each game are deducted once the game begins.

If the player closes out a game, the amount left in their temporary account appears back in the casino account. Therefore if it is less than the amount they began with, the player has lost; if it is more the player has won. However, once a bet is submitted within the game, that money cannot be refunded. The only way is to win or break even (only in some games).

Realtime Gaming Banking Methods

On the other hand, Realtime Gaming using a mechanism commonly found in live slot machines. The player’s balance is displayed on the screen but cannot be used to place wagers. Instead, players must purchase coins or credits and add them into the video poker game. For instance, if the player purchases $25 worth of tokens within the game, the casino balance decreases by $25. If the credits are worth $0.01 the player will receive 2500.

If the player decides not to play this game, they can cash out. Since 2500 credits is equal to $25, that money is transferred back into their account. The betting during the game has no effect on the overall casino balance only the in-game balance. When a player loses all credits or coins, they must transfer more from the casino balance in order to continue playing. If the casino balance is empty, the player must redeposit into their casino account then transfer that into their in-game account.

Financial management for all games is consistent within the specific casino. Although there are different methods, they all make it easy to deposit, withdraw and transfer money within the casino platform. Online gaming sites strive to make these transactions as easy as possible to all players.

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