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Futuristic plans the poker industry has for you


Find out how the future of poker club88 might look. See what the expectations for the poker industry are.

Some of them might sound a bit cosmic, while others not so interesting, but possible and logical. We are talking about the plans coming straight from the hugest poker providers who’ve been in the industry for a long time and who obviously don’t plan to escape it.

The following expectations are coming not only from the biggest poker lovers, but from the companies, themselves. Some of the poker providers even started making progress in executing these plans. Here’s what you can expect from the future of poker, whether in the internet or in real physical poker rooms.

  • Online gambling is going to continue progressing, but don’t underestimate the physical casinos yet. Although in the 2019th year a lot of poker experts claimed that ground casinos are about die, the change that hit the entire planet over the last past months might be a reason not to believe in such a statement. To tell you the truth, we are kind of missing the real casinos. Because they were banned due to Covid-19. Not because they are better than online poker platforms.
  • Big companies from the sphere of internet poker products are going to expand their portfolios. Of course, it’s tough to believe that will be new poker formats. We hope there will not be. We like the current poker games and everything unique added to a classical Texas Hold Em will sound inadequate. However, these leading poker games will progress by opening new divisions. We are talking about dozens of small, but reputable websites like poker club88 that will be under the umbrella of one reliable company the players already trust.
  • Mobile play should be improved. Unfortunately, poker products through mobile phones are not perfect yet. We will admit that online casinos do their job perfectly well when it comes to spinning a slot via a tablet, for instance. However, the poker game sometimes slows down via a mobile app. Due to this a new technology should be implemented. The poker players become extremely pretentious and someone should respond to all the client’s complains and demands.
  • Playing against real poker pros in special rooms. That’s an amazing idea we have recently heard about and tried to imagine. What we have dreamed about is sitting at a table with top poker tournament and cash game players to get experience we cannot read at any blog or book. The idea was, as a matter of fact, offered by a group of such poker pros who try to share their strategies to as many people as possible, but suddenly realized that telling is a thing, but showing is a completely different style of teaching.

How do all of these ideas sound to you? Do you think that each is possible to happen? Well, we’ll see what future has for us and for the poker industry. We just hope everything will be even greater and modern than now!

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