Casino Trip to Singapore

How to Plan a Casino Trip to Singapore on a Budget


Planning your casino trip to Singapore in terms of accommodation, dining, duration, and budgeting.

When planning your casino trip to Singapore, keep in mind that this is a more expensive destination compared to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. Here are some tips on how to save money as you may easily blow your gambling budget before you enter the casino.


Accommodation can be expensive in Singapore, and what you aim for is the cheapest option available. You will find low tier rooms at Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands that feature all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. For additional savings, you may want to check mid-range hotels that will cost you about $100 a night. While you may need to use a taxi service, this is a much cheaper option than paying $250 – $300 per night.

Avoid travelling in early October and late September because this is when the Singapore Grand Prix takes place. If you choose to travel, make sure you book accommodation in advance or otherwise you risk booking overpriced rooms.


While celebrity chef restaurants and fine dining establishments near casinos offer excellent food, they are certainly not cheap. Why not try local cuisine instead? A meal at a casual restaurant can cost as low as $10 – 15 per person. Meals offered by street vendors are the cheapest, selling for $5 – $10.

Bankroll Management

Think of bankroll management before you pack your suitcases as Singapore has a high living standard. Not only this but spending all of your money on table games or slots will ruin your vacation. What you can do is keep your credit and debit cards and cash in your room safe and only withdraw a certain amount to spend in the casino each day.

Given the large selection of games on offer, including blackjack, roulette, poker, and keluaran Sgk is certainly a heaven for betting enthusiasts. This makes it easier to lose track of your spending and blow your vacation budget. On average, you will need between $200 and $300 a day for attractions, amenities, and meals. When you add airfare and your gambling budget (provided that you gamble $100 – $150 a day), expect to pay between S$1,600 and S$2,200 for a 4-day vacation in Singapore. While everyone’s budget and idea of spending quality time is different, this is about how a budget trip looks like.

Planning a Short Vacation to Stay on Budget

If this is the first time you travel to Singapore, 4 nights will do to visit some of the popular tourist attractions, enjoy the amenities that resorts offer, and play your favorite casino games. If you need to beat jet lag after a long flight, you may want to add an extra day or two to relax and fully enjoy your casino trip to Singapore.

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