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Online Casino Games That Require Strong Math Skills


You might not believe, but casino games and math have a deep connection. Every game of gambling is based on mathematics. If you are excited to know how they are connected, stay hooked with us!


How to win in a gambling match? Are you good at math? You can apply mathematics to win every gambling activity. Here, we have listed five gambling methods: good math solving skills should start playing to make a great profit out of the results. Continue reading to discover what those five ways are and lessen your chances of losing every time at a casino.

1.     Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo Poker

You should consider Pot-limit Omaha Hi Lo poker first. It is the best option among the rest as it provides you with more details in every round. Try applying the Hi Lo element with a pot-limit component whenever you are playing, it would not let you down. Yes, it is a fact that Texas Hold’em is way more popular than Omaha, and it will remain to be so. Omaha can even be played on online gambling websites such as live casino Malaysia.

2.     Horse Races Betting

This is similar to Major League Baseball betting, which was discussed later. Now, you have to understand that every race has a fixed number of jockeys, trainers, and horses based on some particular set of rules such as length, whether, and track surface. Based on the horse’s past speed record, each one of them can be rated. Now for finding out the most suitable record, you might want to consider the three factors: length, weather, and track surface, and place your bet accordingly.

3.     Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack will make you a winning gambler. It is the easiest method of winning for gamblers with good mathematical skills. Every step involved in blackjack counting is based on probability. The last step is card counting, which allows you to determine your edge once the cards are declared. Now, probability can be very tricky. So, do not get overconfident.

4.     Betting on Major League Baseball

Sports gambling is also another way of turning the odds in your favor. You can gain a good amount of money if you take a little help from your friend – math! Major League Baseball or MLB is the best way to earn some money for major reasons. You can bet on many games during the entire league. In addition to that, MLB also has a good advantage of metrics resulting in money.

5.     Using Video Poker

Math plays a very important role in video poker. You can predict everything using your math skills. Half of the games include fifty-two cards, allowing you to predict what you can draw from that deck. You can even use this information to compare, decide, and understand your playing strategies. You can start gambling with simple betting on games where one does not have to worry about extra or wild cards like Better and Jacks.

Bottom Line

From physics to gambling, math indeed solves everything. You can rely on math to predict your winning chances at betting. Happy gambling!


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