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138Bet Brings Sports Betting and Casinos Online in Thailand

Bet on your Favorite Sports Teams at Major Tournaments and Play the Most Rewarding Games at Online Casinos with 138Bet.



14th of January, 2019 – Thailand


138bet is now live and players from all over Thailand can explore online casinos and partake in sports betting. The website is a comprehensive resource for all players, young and old. There is a treasure-trove of information available on the site that can serve as the one stop gateway to all popular games, the best casinos operating in the country but of course online and major sports betting. Players do not need to look for sites beyond Thailand. There is no need to transact in foreign currencies any more. Every deposit and the bonuses as well as the eventual payouts are available in baht. The website too is available in Thai language.


Although 138bet is in its nascent stages, there is already a plethora of casino games and sports betting options available online. Players can bet on football, golf, basketball, tennis and Thai boxing among others. All major tournaments in the country and around the world are covered. There are popular casino games including poker, baccarat and roulette. Thais can play the phenomenally popular sic bo. There are slots and all other favorite casino games. The website is operational twenty four hours a day throughout the year without any exception.


138bet has simplified online gaming, gambling and sports betting for beginners. There is no minimum deposit to get started. There are no minimum caps on withdrawals. The signing up process is simple and the lack of restrictions or applicable compulsions for deposits and withdrawals make the whole exercise more convenient for new players. 138bet also has a signup bonus for new players. Everyone stands to gain two thousand baht by signing up straightaway.


138bet already has various leading casinos for payers to choose from. Some of the more renowned names are Sunbet, Asia Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Gold Deuxe, Crown 855 and WP Casino. Players can discover new categories for betting. 138bet is a licensed online gambling website. It assures impeccably safety. All your details are kept secured and no information is shared with other websites or any entities. There is absolute privacy guaranteed by the policy of the company.


138bet is more than just an online casino, a directory and a sports betting website. It is also an informative guide for all new players. Beginners require some handholding to navigate the various types of casino games and specific sports betting. The website simplifies all such adventures.






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