online poker is so popular

Reasons why online poker is so popular


See why it’s so popular these days to play poker in pokerace99. Find out the reasons why poker has been always the top gambling game in the internet.

If you have recently noticed that most of your friends play poker in the internet, don’t be surprised. Online poker can brag about great rating, amazing popularity and glory that might never end. Why is it so, though? Why online poker is so popular anyway?

We might have our own explanations, but it’s not as valuable and objective as the proven reasons discovered by the experts researching the popularity of poker. These are the actual reasons why online poker is not just popular, but seems to always be the king:

  1. Poker is the most popular card game ever. We don’t underestimate Blackjack at all. Especially by having in mind the huge number of Hollywood movies that are dedicated to Blackjack players. However, there are lots of poker movies, too, and if you ask someone what’s the first card game he or she can think off, 9 from 10 people will say “poker”.
  2. It’s also one of the oldest games ever. And the more mature a game is, the more people know it and believe, there’s something special about it. Poker has been played for centuries. Some history specialists claim that it was created by French people, who used to live in New Orleans. But we are not in a history class. We are confident that poker is indeed among the oldest games ever.
  3. Poker is also one of the most preferred games by gamblers. The game is actually part of the establishment of gambling market in general. According to the stats, the number of active poker players these days is almost equal as the one of sport punters and slot enthusiasts.
  4. Poker is one of the top three reasons gamblers used to and still visit ground casinos. The other two games that make so many people, who love the authenticity from a visit of a real casino, are the slots and the roulette game. Add to these the big number of secret and private real money poker rooms and it’s become obvious: online poker is mainly popular because it’s popular in the offline world.
  5. However, poker in the internet is also popular, because it saves us all the limits and inconveniences we should face (or we are incapable, impossible to meet) from the offline game. A lot of poker beginners have the chance these days to play real money poker without wearing a costume and with no need of a special invitation. They just register at pokerace99, make a quick deposit and start earning money immediately.
  6. Poker in the internet is also popular because it’s available in almost any online casino. According to the official records the percentage of the internet gambling providers that don’t offer any poker rooms is under 2%.

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