some cool poker lessons

The legend Steve Jobs might have left some cool poker lessons you should not miss


Become a better player at by using the tips left by Steve Jobs. Find out how the digital legend can actually help you in poker.

Steve Jobs might be mainly linked with digital innovations and leadership, as well as with the idea behind the big role of marketing in every business, but his skills are so appreciated nowadays, that we can claim he’s a good poker teacher, too. If you own an account at and you loan for some advance in your activity, why not learning from the best leaders in the world regardless of the fact they weren’t so active in gambling. After all, a win is a win and it’s a general condition of mind. Those who can win are actually those who can win anywhere they play, right?

If you agree with us, don’t hesitate to check out our list of tips Steve Jobs has indirectly bequeathed to us when it comes to becoming better in poker:

  1. Those who are first are those who become the best

Why did Steve Jobs become such a great in what he did? It’s obvious. Because he was the first one who realized that the personal computer is something everyone should have at home. And later, he was the first one, who understood that the new digital thing is the mobile thing. The same way you can be the first one in poker. For instance, don’t underestimate the newest bookmakers on the market. If you are among the first registered customers in you will become among the first loyal customers there, which means you will get VIP bonuses and attitude soon.

  1. Copy pasting from leaders isn’t a sin

We are not claiming that Steve Jobs was stealing ideas from the competitors. We mean that looking at what the other do is something the best strategy to advance and progress. Comparing your skills with the rest poker players will show you where you are on the scale for the best gambling clients. On the other side, using other punter’s strategy is not a theft. It’s a way to take an example.

  1. Closing yourself in the comfort zone is not good

Steve Jobs was famous for traveling and visiting new places all the time. It’s what had happened to him to open his mind and seeing the needs his potential customers had. What you can do is to once in a while change the environment, too – visit a new betting platform, trying a different than poker gambling product and etc.

  1. If the risk is calculated, it’s ok to take it

Steve Jobs was famous for being a pioneer in many fields. All of the primary things he released, though, were types of risks. He never knew if the customer would like his product, but he was certain about producing and launching it. Why? Because he used to precisely calculate the level of the risk he takes considering whether it’s worth it, or no.

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