Cricket Betting

Why do I Always Lose Money in Cricket Betting?


Are you failing to read a game? Discover winning tactics for cricket betting.

Cricket betting is safer than playing slots or trying your luck at roulette. If you have the skills then IDN Poker can be a more lucrative option but many do not have enough experience or understanding of the game so they choose sports betting instead. Sports betting has fewer risks than gambling or casino games. But there are hurdles you must overcome. You may not win every time. Also, sports betting has more modest returns for safe bets. If a strong team is playing a weaker one then the odds are stacked accordingly and you will make very little by going with the former.


Cricket is a complicated sport. Anything can happen during the game. A relatively unknown team with no star player can spring a surprise. Upsets happen all the time so you may incur a loss. This is also true for those who play IDN Poker. An opponent can spring a surprise with a fascinating hand. But if you keep losing money in cricket betting then there is a serious problem with your understanding of the sport and the specific game. You should be aware of all the rules of the sport and be familiar with the two teams playing a particular game. This is not sufficient to place winning bets. You must know more.


For instance, you should know a fair bit about the pitch. You may choose one team to win or lose against the other. If it is a test then you may choose draw as the potential outcome of the match. You can also predict a washout if there is a likelihood of rain. Regardless of these possible results, you should not just rely on your assessment of the two teams for cricket betting. You must assess how both teams may perform on the wicket. Cricket pitches vary greatly. They are not like the soccer fields or football stadiums. The turf or the pitch can be slow, fast, even or uneven, dual paced or flat, a turner or a blend of many attributes. Every cricketer has some strengths and weaknesses. If the pitch is in favor of a team then you should plan your bet accordingly.


The pitch, distance to the boundaries, the lineups of players for a given match, the recent track record of both teams and several other factors should be taken into account to choose a bet. That is the only way you can ensure a win every time you indulge in cricket betting.

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