should NOT do in football betting

What you should NOT do in football betting


Here are the worst things you can do in judi bola. Find out what according to the experts is not allowed to be done when placing sport bets on football matches.

It is not a secret to anbody that football is the most prefered sport type in betting activity. Some players claim that their selection of football bets is due to the fact that football is the easiest discipline to predict.

But is it so, indeed? Don’t we all underestimate the task to predict football events? As a matter of fact, it seems that we do. And we will keep claiming that mainly because of the fact that there’s a huge list of football betting mistakes we all do once in a while or even worse – all the time.

If you don’t want to be like the rest average punters, but instead to progress and soon to become an intermediate player, then read below. It’s where we will present you some of the things that you should not do in judi bola:

  • Betting only on the popular teams. By all means, we have more stats and information about them. And by all means, the top well-known teams are easier to be guessed how they would perform the next time. But this easiness has its prize. First of all, the odds are too low. And second of all, it’s where the intuition can mostly trick you.
  • Having an account in one single bookie. It’s not a good idea if you use the opposite betting system. But even if you don’t, it’s not good, either. The thing is that having several accounts in many betting houses gives you a better perception regarding what’s happening on the market. It also gives you a chance to compare the odds and regularly go shopping for the best odds.
  • Thinking a strategy should be your routine. A strategy is something you can apply in most of your bets, but not in all of them. The routine is more of a set of principles you stick to – such as having budget management system, not chasing the loss and many more. Make sure to always consider if your primary betting system is suitable for the concrete football event.
  • Betting only on football. It’s ok and logical to place bets only on disciplines you know. However, at some point you will earn enough experience to open your mind for the bigger picture, the sport betting system picture as a whole. When you place bets on other sports type you actually enrich your activity and make a huge progress in your initiative at a full value.

Now it’s time to check out if any of these mistakes is part of your own betting routine, too. Never repeat these mistakes in football betting again, guys. It would only spoil your good series of wins!

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