Exclusive Bonuses That Casinos Offer

Amenities and Exclusive Bonuses That Casinos Offer to Loyal Customers


Loyalty programs offer a selection of amenities, rewards points to collect and exchange for goods and services, and casino bonuses.

Gambling platforms that specialize in slot games offer different rewards programs to keep loyal customers satisfied. Incentives vary from free spins and coupons to hotel room upgrades, access to VIP events, and plenty more. Here is a quick guide on how VIP programs work, the factors to bear in mind before signing up, and the selection of incentives that customers benefit from.

How Loyalty Programs Work

Instead of using tickets, coins, or bills to bet, participants are asked to swipe their cards at tables and machines. This is how casino hosts monitor activities, including how often you press buttons, the amount that you lost, how much you bet, and where you are. To keep customers hooked, loyalty programs offer incentives that make gambling more appealing. When it comes to personal data security, highly sensitive data is typically not stored but there is an option to link a credit card number to a loyalty account. The data that casinos collect is mostly used to advertise products and services to customers.

Factors to Keep in Mind

When choosing from different rewards or VIP programs, there are several factors to keep in mind, one being whether it is a tiered program that assigns players to different tiers. In this case, participants must continue collecting points in order to maintain their VIP status. In fact, many online game slot platforms and casinos advertise this tiered type of program. Other factors to consider include expiration and timing of the rewards as well as tangibility. Incentives that are not tangible include personalized services, access to member only lounges or areas, and restricted check-in counters. Examples of tangible rewards are free products, free or welcome drinks, discounts, and prizes.

The types of rewards that you can get fall in two categories – free cash to wager and amenities to use in casinos, hotels, and resorts.

Accommodation and Entertainment

Some casinos and resorts feature valet parking, complimentary drinks and meals, discounts at buffet restaurants, SPA treatments, and even free cruises. Discounted nights, room upgrades, and golfing are also offered to members. Customers also collect points that can be redeemed for services and discounts that are offered at hotels and resorts. Some platforms also advertise waived resort fees. Also known as tier credits, points can be earned through SPA services, entertainment, dining, and hotel bookings. Customers using casino apps to play are offered the chance to earn show tickets, free accommodation, and more.

Free Cash

In addition to amenities online and land-based casinos offer free gift giveaways, coupons, point multipliers, and bonuses on slot play. Some platforms even offer generous 20-percent bonuses. Players also enjoy bonuses such as cash to use on spins and free spins that can win real money.

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